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Ever since I read Tom Wishon's book “The Right Sticks”, I have always believed that the most logical way to get your clubs fitted properly was through a club fitter. However, before I met Melvyn I had been to 4 other club fitters with generally disappointing results. Melvyn came highly recommended; I had decided to put my beautiful old Ping BeCu wedges back in the bag, but they had been ruined by another club fitter. I had a long chat about my requirements with Melvyn before we came up with a plan to go forward. We worked on my sand wedge until we got it exactly how I wanted it. I went out the next day and won a big charity event at Woburn, not all down to the sand wedge, but it made a big difference to my short game. After that we amended my pitching wedge and I had a new lob wedge built to the same specification and all are working very well.

I also bought a pair of Peak Vision sunglasses. I have been using them for about 3 months now and they are absolutely perfect. I can put them on at the start of a round and forget about them. They work just as well in bright and dull conditions and I have often kept them on even when it's raining. As luck would have it, the day after I bought them, I won a pair of Oakley sunglasses in the charity event at Woburn. However, the Peak Visions work very well and I have stuck with them and given the Oakleys to my wife.

I can thoroughly recommend Melvyn and over the next year I will gradually get him to update the rest of the clubs in my bag.
Chris – Cosby Golf Club

I have played quite a few rounds now before writing this as I wanted to give the driver a fair try as I struggled at first, and I wondered if I should have gone for the Wishon head which I think may have been easier to hit?
Now that I am getting more used to it, I am starting to find the middle of the clubface more often and it goes a fair old distance and produces some good results.
I am not miles farther than my old one, (which I never expected anyway) and depending on the contact, It ranges between 10 yds and 30 yds longer on the really good strikes. (not wind assisted)
Where I think it comes into It's own for me is when I'm hitting into the wind, I have played into the teeth of both 25 mph and  30 mph winds and I can still drive it 200-205 yds! That is a major achievement for me as with my old driver, I would be lucky to hit it 175 yds flat out!
I also notice that, just like you said, this shaft is very much easier to swing while producing good results for me. I don't have to try and swing as hard as I can in order to get good distance.
This gives me great confidence when stepping onto the tee-box even when it is quite a narrow fairway. I can hit this driver very straight and even when I am off slightly, it is never a disater and I am in the semi-rough.
I have only driven out of bounds 3 times and that was when I first started using the driver.
My average distance is 225 yds, my longest strikes (only 3 times so far) have been 265 yds. I don't like saying the last figure as it always sounds like an exaggeration but the distances are correct as they were worked out with a Bushnell range finder.
All in all Melvyn, I am very pleased with my fitting and my purchase from you.
(Alpha 8302 Driver)

Stewart Reid - Bathgate, Edinburgh