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Shimada Golf KK is one of only two companies in Japan which manufactures steel shafts. Its rival, Nippon, is a subsidiary of a large company, while Shimada is a dedicated family business, passionate about golf and the pursuit of the perfect golf shaft.

Shimada now only makes Steel shafts and with good reason. To maximize its properties, each shaft is heated to 880°C and then reheated to 470°C. Other factors are trade secrets but result in Shimada shafts returning to their natural state quicker than its competitors. The end result is a shaft that feels strong but with a soft feel.

There is a Shimada shaft for every golfer from the slow swing speed and high launch shafts right through to the heavier shafts demanded by many of the worlds leading players.

How it fits - Not just another steel shaft but a high quality product offering with some unique shafts enables us to fit all golfers across all sectors.  www.shimadashafts.com